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What is the Venus Factor?

2> The Venus issue could be a total body program designed by John Barban, in conjunction with Brad Pilon. It is created by the woman's body in mind, with the nutrition and effort programs enclosed targeting the shaping of a woman’s specific physiolog.

It’s not a weight loss program – it’s a program designed to assist ladies succeed the most effective form of his or her body.

The Mind Behind the Venus Factor: John Barban
According to John Barban’s official website:

“My formal education background could be a Masters In Human Biology and Nutrition from U of Guelph, wherever I spent three years as a varsity strength and learning coach for the athletic game team. I did additional graduate analysis and tutored exercise physiology at the University of American state. I’ve taken a bunch of non-public coaching certifications, all the standard ones like the NSCA CSCS, ACE PT, CSEP, etc.”

    John Barban 
Creator of the Venus issue

He is conjointly the creator of the Adonis Golden quantitative relation effort program – the equivalent of the Venus issue program for men.

The Venus issue Package Review
The cost of the Venus issue program is $47 – not regrettable in comparison with programs just like the P90X.

Included within the Venus issue package is:

The Venus issue Diet and Weight Loss Manual – a 180-page ebook
The 12-Week Venus issue effort System – a library with educational exercise videos
The Venus issue Virtual specialist – associate app that helps you to trace calories and macromolecule intake in keeping with your body.
The Venus Community – access to the exclusive Venus issue community, as well as blogs, forums, etc.
The Venus Index Podcasts – audio interviews by alternative Venus issue members on their success stories
This makes for a really comprehensive package given the value of the merchandise.

A Look at The Venus issue

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Within the primary few pages of the Venus issue Diet and Weight Loss Manual, the aim of the program is created clear:

“The Venus System is meant to be the best potential for achieving fat loss, whereas conjointly providing a effort program for developing and shaping muscle in a very manner that's specific to a woman’s body.”

The manual breaks down the method of the Venus issue diet into 2 parts:

Part 1: Weight Loss/Fat Removal
Before you'll be able to begin shaping your body the method you wish it, you wish to induce obviate all the surplus fat and weight clinging to your frame.

The Venus issue promotes diet because the most significant consider your weight loss/fat burning, thus an honest a part of the book is devoted to serving to readers arrange their diet for weight loss.

Part 2: Muscle/Body Shaping/Toning
A person’s complex body part and form is outlined by 2 factors:

Location and amount of body fat
Muscle form and size
The effort part of the book aims to form the muscles and tone them so as to offer you the body form you wish.

Understanding Metabolism and Hormones
The Venus issue spends a couple of pages discussing the various factors that have an effect on women’s metabolisms, specifically:

Body Compositi on ­- the shape of body fat
Size – the various heights, widths, and lengths
The manual payoff to debate the importance of androgen and sex hormone in a very woman’s weight loss – specifically that ladies burn less calories than men just because they need less androgens.

Leptin is another internal secretion specifically mentioned within the book. This internal secretion is that the one that controls your potency, and also the Venus issue aims to extend your body’s natural sensitivity to leptin by:

Sleeping properly
Use supplements

The Venus issue Diet Review

A very massive chunk of the book is spent particularization a healthy diet for those that try to form their bodies with the Venus issue.

First, they appear in food list which will create it troublesome for you to slenderize, including:

Artificial sweeteners
High-calorie beverages (juice, soda, alcohol, etc.)
Low-fiber carbs
The Venus issue Manual examines the calories in fats, protein, and carbs, however, doesn’t discuss in a lot of detail what’s a healthy quantity of every for a correct diet.

Hard, Cold Facts
Thankfully, the Venus issue will get into some details and supply real, usable numbers on bound things, such as:

BMR – Understanding the route permits Venus issue users to work out what number calories they have to burn per day. This can be actuality key to success in any diet, and fortunately the manual provides charts that facilitate ladies to work out their metabolism in keeping with their height and weight.

Meal designing – The manual examines not solely what proportion to eat, however however typically. This helps readers to work out the most effective diet arrange in keeping with the quantity of calories they will eat each day, creating it straightforward to interrupt down their meals.

Calories – The Venus issue Manual truly tells readers roughly what number calories area unit burned by their body, such as:

The heart burns two hundred calories per day
The excretory organ burns two hundred calories per day
The brain burns one hundred ten calories per day
Now, whether or not or not this knowledge is correct is troublesome to prove, as there aren't any links to follow from the manual to seek out out wherever they obtained the information from. Still, it breaks it down in a very methodical that’s straightforward to grasp.

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Venus Factor Review